Staff Meeting of the City of St. Petersburg improvement

Staff Meeting of the City of St. Petersburg improvement

  • May 06, 2014 18:54

May 6, 2014 held a retreat city staff beautification of St. Petersburg on "About Content ROW October railway and adjacent urban areas".

The event was attended by representatives of the October Railway, the Committee on the improvement of St. Petersburg , the Central Administration , the Frunze , Nevsky and Kolpinsky locales.

The meeting passed on Motrisa plot St. Petersburg Gl - Kolpino to assess the status of the railway right of way and adjacent territories assigned to the district administrations . Committee leadership improvement noted the positive aspects of the October railway related content paths.

Representatives of the Committee pointed out that recently there has been a significant improvement in the content of the ROW and railway station platforms , including reducing the amount of waste , elimination of waste dumps and places of storage elements of the track facilities and building materials, the repair of tracks and passenger platforms.

Key observations improvement ROW October railway areas and territories was entrusted to eliminate 20 May - the beginning of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.